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We at akg-images were delighted when an illumination from our collection was chosen for the cover of the 25th Anniversary Edition of this title! The chosen image shows a Wheel of Fortune from a French manuscript, the so called “Bible moralisée”, photographed by fine art photographer Erich Lessing. Capturing the themes of struggle, fate, monarchy and religion, this image is certainly deserving of its central spot on the book’s anniversary cover.

Photograph © akg-images / Erich Lessing

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About the book:

About the image:

The Pillars of the Earth (Pan Macmillan)

“The Pillars of the Earth” was first published in 1989 and has since sold an astounding 19 million copies across thirty languages. In his epic masterpiece of historical fiction, Ken Follett describes with gripping detail the daily lives of the Kingsbridge priory and villagers during the time of The Anarchy, a period of civil war and disobedience in 12th-century England. The saga revolves around family drama and violent conflict, yet the book also has another more unusual theme - the construction of a beautiful Gothic cathedral.

The reader is captivated by the ambition and unwavering determination of the villagers to rise beyond their own poverty and to strive towards the completion of such a monumental building in God’s honour. The cathedral eventually becomes a central character of the book in its own right; the epicentre of various power struggles between rival villages, between the church and the state, ultimately even between good and evil.

Cover design © Pan Macmillan