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In the post-war era, Berlin-born photographer Walter Limot documented French cinema, portraying many timeless stars.

The same cinematic quality can also be found in this 1940 image of an unnamed lady with fashionable hat and gloves. One of our favourites for its elegant mystery, it was taken in the Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris.

Photograph © akg-images / Walter Limot

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About the book:

About the image:

First published in 1961, this is the book that put Scottish writer Muriel Spark on the literary map.

Unconventional schoolmistress Miss Jean Brodie takes it upon herself to transform her group of charges to the crème de la crème of a girls’ school in the 1930s.

As the ‘Brodie set’ grows up, the girls become part of Jean Brodie’s progressive ideas and intrigues.

A story about friendship, education, loyalty and betrayal, this novel needed a sly, stunning woman on the cover.

Our 1930s lady was colourised, put against a subtle playground background and makes a perfect match for this intriguing, much-loved story!

Cover design by Lee Motley/Penguin Books © Penguin Books.

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie (Penguin)