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Marian month of May: Madonna, blooming fields, zodiac sign of the twins; header of the sheet of a German almanac. Woodcut, Germany 1919
May festival
Peasants dancing around a Maypole
May Day
Les Planteurs de May
May 1898
"Brüder zur Sonne, zur Freiheit"
Long live the 1st of May / The inter– national labour day
Gruss von der Maifeier
May Day celebrations 1909. Proletariat: Unity is our power
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Months of the year series: May
May Day heralds in the new month with an ancient European spring festival traditionally celebrating the coming of summer. We take a look at some of the traditional festivities of this spring holiday. We also focus our attention on the political May Day parades of International Workers’ Day, also known as Labour Day which falls on the same day; a celebration of labour and the working classes and which was chosen to commemorate the Chicago Haymarket affair of 1886.

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