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Two People with Umbrellas in Front of a Sunbed Salon Window / Photo, 1999
Frankfurt, Germany.

Two people with umbrellas in front of a Sunbed Salon window.

Photo, 1999.
Flower Seller
Crucified Christ or The Yellow Christ
Easter Parade
First Easter egg
Les coureurs
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Months of the Year: April
It is thought that the word ‘April’ may have originated from the Latin word 'aperire' meaning to open, when the trees and flowers are blossoming. Of course, this is often accompanied by April showers and bursts of sunshine and that is how our selection of images from the archive kicks off.

Take a few moments to enjoy glimpses of this month’s celebrations and events – Easter, St George’s Day and the London Marathon, the arrival of the cuckoo (there’s even a Cuckoo Day and traditional annual Cuckoo Fairs) and let’s not forget April Fool’s Day.