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Fraunhofer / Portrait
Fraunhofer, Joseph von Physicist.
Straubing 6.3.1787 – Munich 7.6.1826.


Contemporary painting.
Munich, Bavarian Academy of Sciences.
Sunday Morning
Sophia Sieveking on her deathbed
Dr. Syntax sells Grizzle
Jean Pierre François Gilibert
Study of a Man Wearing a Tricorn Hat, Holding a Tray
Portrait of Jacobus Blauw
La Rencontre des Incroyables
Chess Game in the Palais Voss in Berlin
Thomas Hope playing cricket
Paar am Fenster
Playing cards
L’Incroyable et la Merveilleuse
Be embraced, you millions!
A Wistful Glance
The Bookworm
Johanna Therese Platzhoff née Bemberg
The Hypochondriac
Interior with sowing woman
View of St. James's Palace and Pall Mall, London
Dr. Syntax with my Lord
Portrait of the Reverend Basil Bury Beridge
Cemetery on the Oybin
Portrait of Daniel Runge
Tripode / Cammino / Tripode
The Salon of the Countess Somailoff
The red tray
H.M.S. Queen Sailing out of Portsmouth Harbour
Sailing ship in the fog
Heinrich XIII, Prince Reuss of Greiz
Church ruins in the snow
The Action of Commodore Dance and the Comte de Linois off t
The Sailing Signal Gun. For England, home, and beauty
Interior of Petwoath House: woman at mirror
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Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
As the BBC's seven-part adaptation of Susanna Clarke's novel Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell continues we felt prompted to share suitable pictures from the archive. From locations such as York Minster, where Mr Norrell brings stone statues to life with long-forgotten magic, to the fashions of men and women of the day, we hope you enjoy this selection of images inspired by the first two episodes of this costume drama.