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Women in Little Italy, New York / Photo 1943
New York, USA.

Women in Little Italy.

Photo, 1943, by Fred Stein (1909–1967).
Woman Reading by a Newsstand
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Cry of the City
As part of its Robert Siodmak season (April-May 2015), the BFI has re-released the German-born director's 1948 noir "Cry of the City" in selected cinemas around the UK.

"Cry of the City" tells the story of two men from the same Italian community in 1948, one of whom, played by Victor Mature, is a lieutenant in the police force, the other (Richard Conte) is a petty thief on the run for murdering a police officer. The film is only 95 minutes long but manages to back in a lot of plot into its relatively short running time. Alongside Mature and Conte, numerous other actors appear and are given time to develop their characters, whether it's Shelley Winters as one of Conte's lady friends, Betty Garde as a kind-hearted nurse, or Hope Emerson who steals the show as a crooked singer-turned-masseuse.

Unusually for Siodmak, the film includes scenes shot on location in 1940s New York as well as highly stylised stage sets lit for maximum drama. We have gathered together vintage images from across the archive inspired by the shadowy world of "Cry of the City".

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