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Elizabeth I / Procession to Blackfriars / R. the Elder / Painting
Elizabeth I,
1533 – 1603,
Queen of England and Ireland from 17th November 1558 until her d

Elizabeth I of England, procession to Blackfriars in 1600.

Concert at the Vauxhall Gardens
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Royal London
Continuing our series on London, this month we take a closer look at Royal London.

From the 11th century, the city has been the seat of the Kings of England. Through the centuries, London has seen the rise and fall of many monarchs, their coronations and abdications, their weddings and divorces, their births and funerals and of course the odd execution or two (but those not for a long while).

Today London and the Royal Family have a very relaxed relationship, often affectionate but mostly tolerant of each other.

Take a look at our selection of images celebrating Royal London.