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Uruk, White Temple, 3200 B.C. / Illustration
Uruk; ancient city of Sumer and later Babylonia in modern day Iraq. Uruk played a significant religious and political role from about 5000 B.C. until the 3rd Century...
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Archaeology Illustrated by Balage Balogh
Illustrator Balage Balogh specialises in the depiction of Biblical places and events.

His illustrations of Ancient Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Biblical Israel, Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome are all meticulously researched and historically accurate, based on scholarly publications from the Johns Hopkins University library.

Before the creation of each illustration, Balage Balogh examines detailed archaeological excavation plans, when possible consults with archaeologists in charge of the excavations, and references landscape features from photographs and satellite imagery.

We present some gems from this remarkable collection, with many more illustrations available online.