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Leonardo, Self-portrait / Turin
Leonardo da Vinci Italian painter, sculptor, architect,
natural scientist and engineer Vinci (near Empoli) 15/4/1452 – castle Cloux near Amboise 2/5/1519.


The Head of Christ
Proportions of the Human Body based on Vitruv
Female head in profile
The Head of Christ
Head and shoulders of a young man in profile
Head of the apostle James the Greater and architecture study
Study: Heads of Warriors
Storm over an Alpine Valley
Study of an anemone and other plants
Five Grotesque Heads
Arno Valley
The Deluge
Adoration of the Magi
Great Wave
Apocalyptic Storm
Anatomical study: male and femail urogenital apparatus
Studies of whirlpools and a study of a contemplative old man
Anatomical studies: brain, cavities and nerves / Male urogenital apparatus
The Last Supper
The Return of the Mona Lisa
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Drawings by Leonardo Da Vinci