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Larsson, Carl Swedish painter and illustrator Stockholm 28.5.1853 – Sundborn nr. Falun 22.1.1919.

“Self-portrait”, 1895.

Stockholm, Prins Eugens Waldemarsudde....
The Bridge
Murre. Portrait Casimir Laurin
Annastina Alkman
Lisbeth with peonies
Lisbeth fishing
Front Yard and the Wash House
Kersti sledging
Sunday nap
Suzanne and someone else
In the Church of Sundborn
Brita as Idun
Naming day gratulations
On the Models’ Platform
Suzanne at the Clavier
The Other Half of the Studio
Brita’s Nap
The Singer Anna Pettersson-Norrie
The open-air painter. Winter theme from Åsögatan 145
Ulf and Pontus
Brita and I
Congratulating grandmother
Matts Larsson
Suzanne on the Veranda
Day before Christmas
Between Christmas and New Year
Christmas morning
Karin reading
Emma's Birthday
The First Lesson
House in Winter
Late Summer
The Pond at Grez-sur-Loing
Gustav Vasa
The China Painter (ceramics)
The Vine
In front of the mirror
Resignation is the Last Religion
The Poet Erik Axel Karlfeldt
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Carl Larsson (1853 - 1919)
28 May 2023 - 170th birthday

Carl Larsson, 28th May 1853 – 22nd January 1919,
Swedish painter representative of the Arts and Crafts movement.

He forged a successful career both as an artist and illustrator, providing a comfortable existence for his family. Larsson's works were accepted at the Paris Salon, and he also completed several large frescoes, most notably for the foyer of the Stockholm Opera.