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The Arnolfini Portrait
The Arnolfini Portrait
The Arnolfini Portrait
Eyck, Jan van,
c.1390 – 1441,
Early Netherlandish painter.

"The Arnolfini Portrait", 1434.

Oil on oak, 82.2 × 60 cm.

Inv. no. 186.

London, National Gallery....
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Couples in Art
We continue our series on Love with a look at couples in art.

For most of us, finding a significant other to share our lives with is one of the most important aspects to our lives. This has been the same for many generations before us and it is in art in particular that love is discussed and depicted over and over in all its facets.

Let us therefore set out by looking at couples in works of art, from frescoes and sculptures to oil paintings and graphics. Cuddle up and have a browse through this selection from our archive.